Predator Within
This novel is completed and is a fast-paced read.  I would be happy to send you a complete copy of the manuscript for your review.

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- 1 -

                It’s a hot, muggy, summer night where daylight temperatures reach a scorching 100 degrees in the shade, and evening hours find no relief.  On days and nights like these, people of Rochester seek cool shelter in their shade-drawn, air-conditioned homes.  It is too hot and mosquito infested to sit outside.  For this reason, the killer chose tonight to lighten his load.

He was no dummy.

He knew the only way to get caught was to screw up.  Some of the most notorious in history, Bundy, Manson, Berkowitz, got caught because they got sloppy.  Because they felt invincible.

But he wouldn’t be so stupid.

There’d be no broken taillight, no unnecessary speeding tickets.  Nope, he’d stop when he was ready to stop.

They’d catch him only when, and if, he was ready.

His small, compact car slowly crept to the edge of the soft shoulder along a dark, deserted road a few miles east of downtown.  He rolled down his window and inhaled the humid air.  Confident that he was alone, he jumped out of his vehicle and opened the hatch.  Neither interior dome light nor trunk light went on.  He planned ahead. 

                A canvas bag is quickly lifted out, its contents dumped onto the hard asphalt.  He raises his head up, nostrils flaring as if he could smell changes in the air around him.  Confident he deposited his package unseen, he returned to the car and drove away, leaving behind his bag of goodies to be found…he had his fill of fun with it.

 A Predator Knocks
This 135,000 word novel is completed and is also a fast-paced read.  I would be happy to send you a complete copy of this manuscript for your review.

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                                                                                                       - 1 -

        It was a hot, dusty 100 degree day in El Paso when his plane landed from O’Hare Airport.  He found himself in good humor, actually looking forward to the plant visit later in the day, across the border.  Working for a large American manufacturing conglomerate, his company had established several factories along the US - Mexican border taking advantage of the low labor costs.  He enjoyed his visits into Mexico.
        The girls there were so young, so fiery…so ripe.
        They were naive, as well.  Just the way he liked them.
        Many came to the big city from the small, southern towns seeking jobs, money and husbands. They were naive to the ills of the world, and smooth-talking men had no trouble taking advantage of them.  Most times, their dreams went unfulfilled, usually forcing them to leave town disgraced and pregnant.
        He especially enjoyed visiting Juarez.  The girls were quick to submit to an American who fancied them, especially when that American fed on their dreams.  It didn’t hurt that he was fluid in Spanish. 
        He enjoyed walking the shop floor, eyeing the tight pants and skimpy tops the young girls wore in the steamy-hot plant.  He watched for new batches of recruits on each visit and mentally selected which lucky lady would be his next conquest.  It was getting to be so easy that he knew the shine would wear off soon.
        But until it did, he was going to enjoy it.
        Grabbing his bags from the overhead, careful not to jar or mishandle the camcorder inside, he exited the plane into the blinding Texas sun.
        It was a good day for someone to die.

Predator and Prey
This 130,000 word novel is completed and is currently being edited and revised.  A complete manuscript is available upon request.

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- 1 -

          “Look at that little girl,” ten year old Ralph Bicknel grumbled.  His nine year old friend, Del Fraso merely mumbled a response as he continued to browse through the various action figures in aisle ten.  It wasn’t until Ralph slugged him hard in the upper arm causing a shooting pain to momentarily paralyzed him, did Dell finally pay attention.
            He had little choice. 
            When Ralph got into these moods, people had little choice but to pay attention to him.  When he was much younger, it started off as a full-fledged attention grabbing obnoxious whine.  It didn’t matter where he was – he preferred to embarrass his mother out in public the most -  he would sit his little ass down right in the middle of a crowd and commence his hideous whelping.  
            Of course, as he grew older, he graduated to more outlandish acts. 
            Like the time he shit on his first grade teacher’s desk, in front of the entire class.  Sure, he’d gotten himself expelled…which was precisely what he’d wanted all along.  But his days out of school were short lived.  
            But his anti-social behavior wasn’t. 
            After yet another relocation by his mother, Sarah, this time to the tiny town of Scotswood, Ralph grew even more restless.  Trouble continued to plague her son forcing yet another move.  This time, Sarah hoped moving to the depressed area of Merseyville in Northwestern England, just outside of Liverpool, would give her son a new lease on life. 
            Instead, it only intensified Ralph’s  behavior after hooking up with a local boy, who soon became his best friend.  Together, he and Del shared a rare anti-social view of the world.  
            While both were bound by the embarrassment of being habitual bed wetters, they outwardly hid that shame behind gregarious personalities, while focusing their anger on smaller, less fortunate victims.  They began a spree of terror upon the neighborhood pets, going as far as to skinning a poor kitten alive before being interrupted by a neighbor alerted by the animal’s wild, shrieking. 
            The boys had been moderately reprimanded for their act. 
            They were only eight years old, after all. 
            Though it all, Sarah Bicknel hoped her only son would outgrow his repulsive actions.  But life in Merseyville was tough, and Sarah found herself out of work often.  It was becoming more and more difficult to support the two of them.  Struggling to maintain some sense of a normal life for her and Ralph, she found herself succumbing to the seedier side of her neighborhood.  Submerging herself into drinking, drugs and then finally prostitution, Sarah soon was of little help to her stability-seeking son. 
            Unsupervised, Ralph ran unchecked. 
            “What?,” Del scowled as he rubbed his numb shoulder.  “Why didcha have to do that?” 
            He hated the way he sounded – almost like a whining baby – and decided that if Ralph moved to slug him again, he’d gouge his damn eyes out before he knew what hit him. 
            But, Ralph was much too preoccupied to notice his friend’s anger. 
            His eyes remained fixed on the lone, small figure not more than ten feet away from them in the crowded toy store. 
            “Look,” Ralph repeated, “look at that little bitch!” 
            Dell glanced over to view what Ralph was referring to.  Together, they looked at the small, oriental girl, sobbing from the horror over losing her mother in the holiday rush of shoppers.  
            By the looks of her small, thin frame, she couldn’t be much older than two or three years old.  Her crocodile tears streamed down her face, caking portions of her black hair to her deep red cheeks.  There was no doubt she was in deep distress, and the more she sobbed, the more aroused Ralph became. 
            Still, no one in the crowd intervened to put the little girl at ease.  Instead, they continued to pursue their holiday targets. 
            “Yeah?  So, what about her?,” Del wanted to return to the action figures. 
            "Look at the terror in her eyes…,” Ralph was mesmerized, “…look at how scared she is.” 
            “Yeah…,” Del could sense the change in his friend’s demeanor.  “So…whatcha want to do?  Scare her even more?” 
            With an abrupt turn of his head, Ralph gave Del a large, devilish smile.  His deep, dark eyes gleamed.  In spite of himself, Del took a half step backward. 
            “That’s a great idea!,” Ralph’s grin widened.  “Let’s see if we can actually scare her to death!”


Executive Order
This novel is a work in progress, with 50,000 words completed.  This will be the fourth novel in the Predator series.

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- 1 -

          He’d always been a strange little boy, sickly, scrawny, a newt in a world of giants.  It wasn’t like he’d been born handicapped physically; he was just the runt of the litter.  It was like he never got the opportunity to grow physically, always fighting colds, phenomena, and even scarlet fever. 
                He often felt that he didn’t fit into his adopted family because there wasn’t anything special about him.  His foster parents had other kids and they always had so many animals they took in that he couldn’t keep track of all their names.  School was very hard for him.  He couldn’t comprehend as well as the other children his age, and his teachers called him ‘slow’.  His father would hear known of that, and continued to force the local school to progress his son even though his grades didn’t warrant it. 
                The boy didn’t get along with anyone in school, didn’t have any particular friends.  He ate alone in the large lunchroom and usually sat in the back of the class so the teacher wouldn’t notice him.  He participated in class only when forced to, and that was usually after much snickering from his fellow students.  He hated the humiliation in answering questions improperly and often wished he had the ability of invisibility during school hours. 
                His humiliation wasn’t just limited to school, though. 
                He was a chronic bed wetter, which only got worse the older he got.  Well into junior high school, he continued the terrible habit much to his mother’s annoyance.  She didn’t have to yell and scream for him to see how infuriated she was.  He was forced to stand there naked while she stripped the bed and washed everything he soiled.  Only after she was done with that task, would he be able to wash.  
                With her assistance.  
                Running the bath with scalding water, she forced her son to sit in it while she roughly washed his legs, thighs and penis.  His shame and discomfort only intensified when he became erect.  His mother would act astonished and taken aback at his condition, threatening to beat his ‘sin stick’ with a ruler if he didn’t control himself.  He usually found his ability to control his condition limited, and only after a severe beating, and near drowning by his mother, would his erection disappear.  But always, there was something about the situation that titillated him…enticed him… 
                The older he got, the more he realized how much he didn’t fit in anywhere…at school, at home, even at church.  He often went to bed wishing that he’d just die in his sleep and alleviate him of the trouble of growing up.   He often wondered why his parents ever adopted him.  He was so unlike any of his siblings.  Sitting at the dinner table amidst all the talk of athletic achievements, academic excellents, and daily accomplishments, he was merely nondescript.  Only taking up space at the table…forging for food against much stronger and more affordable creatures.


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