Predator Within

FBI agent, Brett Meirs has a horrible "gift" - the ability to channel corpses and re-live the victim's death.  Forced into retirement following several mental breakdowns after a decorated career, his unique abilities must be resurrected ten years later to help capture a elusive child killer.  Can Meirs help his former partner stop this brilliant psychopath before risking further deterioration to his brain?  This suspense thriller is paced for a quick and easy read and will leave you guessing right up to the end.

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A Predator Knocks

Julia Sorenson is a small-town newspaper reporter who stumbles upon the story of her life when the male member of a husband and wife serial killer team becomes infatuated with her.  FBI Special Agent Jack Saunders and his Detroit team race against time to not only protect Julia, but stop the murderous duo before they strike again.  Characters introduced in Predator Within are back in this suspense thriller.

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Predator and Prey

Ripped from the headlines – when ten-year old Ralph Bicknel and his friend nine-year old Del Fraso, brutally murder a little girl in the UK, they are imprisoned until their eighteenth birthday.   The uproar over their heinous crimes is still swirling, forcing the British government to cut a deal with the US to put the boys into a witness protection program.  Unsuspecting FBI Agent Jack Saunders and his team are assigned the detail unaware that the British press is one step behind.  Their situation is compounded when an old colleague in Juarez, Mexico asks for their assistance in solving an on-going murder spree of young women.  This fast-paced thriller will leave you thinking twice about corruption and who you can trust.

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Executive Order

The latest in the Predator thriller series, Forensic Agent Lisa Arnet is trying to deal with her post-stress depression after being abducted and saved from a sadist serial killer in Mexico.  She quits the Bureau and takes a job as Security Chief for a Fortune 200 Company.  Her life becomes even more complicated as she battles terrorist bomb threats, a major sexual harassment scandal and a FBI investigation into several high-level employees who are key suspects in a world-wide serial killer case.   The many plot twists will keep readers turning the pages. 

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