Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Patrick Brown grew up listening to vibrant stories recited by his grandfather of his life in Ireland and his journey to the US.  He particularly remembers the stories his grandfather and uncles told about a distant cousin who worked as a exorcist for the Catholic Church.  That story and others from the old country stayed with him. 

The sixth of eight children, Patrick's father worked for Chrysler Corporation for 49 years while his mother was a stay at home mom who idolized her children and encouraged them to seek out their dreams.  His parents – now deceased -  always encouraged his creative side.

Upon graduation from Redford Union High School, Patrick immediately went to work at Chrysler Corporation.  Like father, like son.  Taking advantage of the company’s tuition refund program, he went back to school and eventually attained a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Masters of Science in Human Resources Administration.

His career was shifting as well; from the mail room to the factory floor to the purchasing department.  Being a people person, Patrick longed to get into Human Resources (or in those days – Personnel).  Finally, he was hired as a technical recruiter for General Dynamics.

Though his business career was just starting to take off, Patrick continued to draw and write.  Sensing his dream of being a comic book artist/writer wasn’t going to materialize, he started writing short stories and took several creative writing classes at the university.  He started his first novel – Doll House.  Once he completed that, he immediately started on his next – which he completed a year later.  It was titled Cauchemar and it was based on the stories his grandfather told about their cousin, a Catholic priest.    

While his career continued to advance, from HR Director to Human Resources Vice President, Patrick never lost his love of storytelling or writing.  He completed two horror novels – In the Eye of the Storm – about an abusive relationship gone bad and Haunted Bay – a story about ghosts and reincarnation. 

Not really satisfied with these pieces they were shelved as he started on his fifth novel – Predator Within – about a retired FBI Profiler who has a horrible gift of channeling the last minutes of a murder victim.  Pleased with the concept and the characters, Patrick opened up his novel for critique to local writing groups and extensively revised and edited his work.  He has since completed two follow-up novels in his Predator series, utilizing several characters from his first book.

Patrick has been married to his wife Roberta (his first revision editor), for twenty years and has a talented daughter Veronica from a previous marriage.  He lives in Rochester Hills, Michigan with his wife, and two dogs, a Beagle named Dana (after Dana Scully from the X-Files) and a Jack Russell named Flynn. 

Patrick is confident that once you read one of his books, you'll have to read all of them.  He has many more ideas and stories to last a long time.

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