As I started writing, I couldn't get enough information regarding the craft.  Whether it was researching an author and getting advice on writing, or researching how to write a query letter, to gaining information regarding crime scenes, I was always looking on the web to research and learn.  Below are some of my favorite sites - whether they be informative or authors, I hope you guys enjoy visiting these links.

Informative Sites:
ere are some great writing reference sites I have found very helpful.  I hope you do too. - Great information and you can sign up for a free newsletter - Here's a good blog on everything from publishing to book marketing and how to promote.  It's worth a peak - Here's a site to place your writing and get editors, agents and readers to input to your manuscript - Great news regarding the publishing world.  There's a subscription required, but watch for some free trials to try it out - Sign up for author newsletters, get the latest information on the publishing world, see other author's websites - The site for the Association of Author's Representatives - search the database or scroll throught the FAQs - Get the latest insider news on the publishing world - News, blogs, conventions, membership benefits - Here's where the Edgar resides!  Join and see the benefits - Gotham Writers Workshop website - Of course I need to plug one of our Michigan writers sites! - Here's a fact checker and resource guide - Writing resources, news, writers, editors and agents - what more do you need?
Author Websites:
Here are some of my favorite writers and their sites - enjoy and learn from some masters! - She's a great writer and check out her early medical thrillers - Her first novel is Heartsick - great novel - Great web on writing tips and upcoming events. - Jan is one of those writers you can't wait for her next book to come out - If you haven't heard of Joe - you will!  His novel - Heart-Shaped Box scared the hell outta me.  And his parents aren't bad writers either. - The quintessential mystery writer.  His words make you feel like you're on the streets of LA. - I love his Prey series - I've got to give a plug to a fellow Michigander! - Harlan is the latest President of MWA and an awesome author too! - She's got one of the most fascinating websites for an author - I've loved him from "A Time to Kill" right up to "The Appeal"

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